Lemur Inspections - Coming soon!

Lemur Inspections is designed to make inspecting every aspect of a vehicle as fast and accurate as possible.

From visual condition checks through to complex measurements against manufacturers tolerance data, a tablet friendly user interface makes capturing the inspection detail simple. Where other packages stop, Lemur Inspections then goes further to automatically generate a list of parts and service recommendations for you to discuss with your customers, backed up by solid data.

Lemur Inspections can be used as a stand alone package along side your existing system, or used as a fully integrated component of Lemur Workshop.


Records and stores all details related to inspection of a vehicle

Capture and annotate pictures during your inspection to clearly and safely show issues

Customise your own inspections or use the manufacturers recommendation

Generated qualified recommendations based on solid data

An open interface allows Lemur Inspections to be easily integrated into your existed system

Tablet friendly user interface for paperless data capture

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